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Yoga Workshop Training Session

Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga for Children with Autism

November 30, 2017

Knowing a child’s preferences, learning styles, strengths, and limitations is imperative when creating a yoga therapy session. When developing a program for children with autism, it is important to see the whole child, and to meet the child where they are at. The use of daily yoga interventions can have a significant impact on key classroom behaviors among children with autism.[...] read more +


Essential Tremor: The Mysterious Ailment and How Yoga Might Help

March 1, 2017

Imagine having a disease with no known cause. This is what a diagnosis of “Essential Tremor” (ET) is for patients. ET is the most common cause of tremors, as well as one of the most common neurological conditions.[...] read more +


A Sample Pranayama Plan for Asthma

November 25, 2016

The process of working with asthma patients has to be developed gently and systematically based on assessment findings through ongoing observation.[...] read more +


Building a Happy, Healthy Yoga Career

Melinda Atkins
May 25, 2015

As the founding director of Aum Home Shala, I’ve learned that the best way to grow your yoga career is through specialized training that allows you to expand your toolkit and your client base.[...] read more +

Paula for AUM blog

Why I Chose AUM for my Yoga Therapy Training

May 10, 2015

I did a tremendous amount of research before picking this school. Here’s why I chose AUM.[...] read more +

Kids 3 cropped

What Yoga Can Do for Our Kids

Melinda Atkins
January 4, 2015

Introducing yoga to a group of middle-school students is an enlightening experience, especially after teaching yoga full-time to high-school students. [...] read more +

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The Healing Power of Yoga Therapy

Melinda Atkins
January 3, 2015

From my earliest experiences with yoga, I have been inspired by its capacity to heal; I have back pain from childhood scoliosis, and yoga has relieved that tremendously. But seeing first-hand how much it could help me in this extreme situation was even more eye-opening.[...] read more +

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