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200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Looking for a Gratifying Career? AUM hOMe Shala teachers and YTT’s are everywhere. Public and Private Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Wellness Clinics, Community Centers, Yoga Studios, Gym (etc…)


500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

AUM’s 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, with a focus on the therapeutic benefits of yoga, expands professional development for certified yoga teachers and prepares them to use yoga to increase health and well-being in a wide range of settings.


Yoga Therapy Clinical Practicum

in the clinical component of AUM Home Shala’s Yoga Therapy Accreditation Program, students complete a total of at least 150 hours at AUM Home Shala’s Community Clinic.

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Support Our Mission

AUM hOMe Shala’s mission is to promote knowledge of the therapeutic benefits of yoga, through teaching, research, and training yoga teachers and yoga therapists. Help us spread the gifts of yoga.


Bridge Program to Prepare for Clinical Practicum

The Bridge Program is required for applicants who have not participated in our 500-Hour Yoga Therapy curriculum and wish to enroll in our Clinical Practicum.

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Children’s Yoga Specialist Training

Train to become a Children’s Yoga Specialist and start making a difference in kids’ lives immediately. Our comprehensive training includes an in-the-field component, as we conduct a 12-week yoga program to combat FCAT test stress in a Miami-Dade County Title I public school.


Yoga Therapy for the Heart, May 5-8, 2018

Learn how to use yoga therapy protocols to address heart disease prevention and treatment. You’ll gain tools for working with individuals as well as groups, taking into consideration their conditions, limitations, possibilities, and the overall strategy.


AUM Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Bring the gifts of yoga to mothers-to-be, offering appropriate modifications so that women can experience the benefits of the practice throughout pregnancy and in childbirth.

Yoganand class

Advanced Pranayama Techniques, July 20-24

Pranayama, the yogic science of breath control, is a powerful way for you and your students to raise energy and channel it into spiritual growth and life mastery.


Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga for Mental Health Certification Course

We’ll view the functioning of the mind through a yogic lens, and look at how the yoga protocols can promote well-being across a wide range of conditions, including depression, anxiety, addiction, and ADHD.


Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga for Cancer and Chronic Illness, March 15-18, 2018

Learn how to create a sense of empowerment in your clients by building their body awareness before, during, and after treatment.


Yoga for Osteoporosis Certification, with Loren Fishman, October 5-8

Dr. Fishman’s Method, consisting of 12 poses, has been proven to increase bone density for students with osteoporosis or osteopenia, and to prevent bone loss in those without those diagnoses. This method is the subject of the training, which includes 20 hours of prerequisite online material covering the science and yoga practices involved, plus 20 hours of in-person instruction in how to teach the poses.

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